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Fastaweb Online Mall

Fastaweb Online Mall is a Special Software that any physical mall could establish an integrated Online Shop with a single point of access and any physical store in it could sell products or services on the online mall. It is possible for the mall owner to allow physical stores outside its physical mall to sell products in its online mall and so extend its physical mall activities. Here we mention some of the main features of Fastaweb online mall.



All Physical Store Could Sell on Online Mall

Fastaweb Online Mall Software is a Multi-Vendor Software. All physical stores can have a separate panel in the online mall. they could add products and manage their orders in their panel. their products showed on the front end and could be bought by the visitors.

Single Point Of Shipment

Shipment Methods

Support Multiple Shipment Method

Each vendor can set up different shipping methods. Such as sending by courier or sending by post. And have herself/himself own shipping policies. But an optimal method is that all Passage orders are managed and sent from a centralized delivery unit in the passage to reduce the costs of sellers as well as buyers. All the software requirements of this method have been developed in the Fastaweb Online Mall software.

Distributed Invoice for Vendors

Invoice for Vendors

Vendor Related Invoice Items

When a buyer creates his own shopping cart, his shopping cart includes a variety of products, each of which may be supplied and sold by different vendors.in the background, the order must be broken in such a way that each seller sees his share of the overall invoice and processes and delivers it. The process of managing this invoice and distributing it among vendors is implemented and managed by the system.

Single Invoice for Buyers

Invoice for Buyers

A Unique Invoice for buyers

From the buyer's point of view, the whole basket is a unique order and invoice. but his shopping cart my be includes a variety of products, each of which may be supplied and sold by different vendors.

Order Prepairing Time

Prepairing Order

Product Specific Prepairing Time

For each order item that is bought by the customer, or in other words, each product that is sold, a minimum time is required to prepare it by the seller, which is called preparation time. The seller can specify the preparation time for each product he sells so that the buyer can see at the time of purchase how long it takes to buy that product to be ready and then decide to buy it.

Shipment Scheduling

Manage Shipment

Shipment Capacity In Timetable

Each seller has the ability to process and send a certain volume of customer orders at different time intervals and may not be able to complete all requests in a specific time period. Therefore, it is possible in the system that the seller specifies how many orders can be processed and sent in each time period. Buyers can also view these schedules and place their order at intervals when there is the empty capacity

Return Order Mangement

Return Order

Return Order Request

For any reason, the buyer may want to return the purchased goods. It is possible in the system for the buyer to register the return request in the system. The related staff observes and examines the request and, if approved, refers it to the seller of that product

Separate Vendor Checkout

Vendor Checkout

Vendor Specific Settlement

Each customer order includes different products that the seller of each product can be different. Therefore, each seller has a share of the final invoice related to that order, which must be calculated with a precise accounting and paid for the seller after deducting deductions such as taxes and commissions. This settlement process with the sellers is done accurately and automatically in the system

Full SEO Based


Base On SEO Techniques

All SEO rules and considerations have been considered for all parts of the system, and have been optimized to fit the latest search engine algorithms.

Sales Promotions

Marketing And Promotions

Many Marketing Technique Covered

One of the important and prominent features of Fastaweb Online Mall is sales promotion capabilities and the use of various digital marketing methods to increase sales. Content and blog marketing module, advertising campaign module, affiliate marketing module, social marketing module, email marketing module, SMS marketing module, are some of the marketing capabilities in this system.