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Fastaweb Marketplace

Fastaweb Online Mall is a Special Software that any physical mall could establish an integrated Online Shop with a single point of access and any physical store in it could sell products or services on the online mall. It is possible for the mall owner to allow physical stores outside its physical mall to sell products in its online mall and so extend its physical mall activities. Here we mention some of the main features of Fastaweb online mall.

Fastaweb Murketplace Some



It is a comprehensive and integrated multi-vendor system in which an unlimited number of vendors can offer their products for sale.


Fastaweb marketplace could be set up and configured as a single vendor with multiple physical branches with full Geolocation Support


Fastaweb marketplace support multiple languages. also, it supports RTL languages. there are 3 built-in translations right now.


It supports multiple currencies. the exchange rate could be updated in real-time via third parties service

Unlimited Products

There is no limit to the product definition. The variety of products can be managed according to the attributes and product variations, and for each combination, separate images, prices, discounts, and conditions can be considered.

Unlimited Categories

There is no limit in defining product categories, and with a tree structure, categories can be defined at different levels, and conditions such as taxes, VAT, commissions, etc. can be considered for each category.

Vendor-Specific Category

for each vendor, a specific contract is established and each vendor could sell the products in some specific product categories that are permitted in the contract

Tax and Commission

It is possible that specify Tax rate, VAT rate, and commission rate for each category in each vendor contract.

Goods, Services,Digital Assets

with Fastaweb marketplace software, you can start a marketplace of goods, services, or digital assets.

Multiple Payment Method

It supports Online payment with Payment Gateways, Payment with wallet Credit and COD payment

Multiple Shipment Method

Fastaweb Marketplace supports different shipment methods such as delivery by courier, shipment by local and International Post services, and in-store delivery.


Fastaweb Marketplace provides a notification system that can be configured to inform the buyer and vendors as needed.

Vendor Management

In the Fastaweb Marketplace you can activate, deactivate, give access and permission to each vendor, and control all vendors actions

Delivery Scheduling

Each vendor can send a certain volume of orders at any time and could not send all orders. To manage this issue, you can use the delivery scheduling feature

Bulck Product

If the number of products is high, it is a time-consuming task and, you can define them via a bulk product definition form or import them from a predefined Excell file.

Region-Based Servicing

Each vendor can specify the areas that can serve the customers using the map. the vendor draw multiple areas and assign them to a specific day that is possible to serve