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fastaweb marketplace capabilities

Fastaweb Marketplace is an integrated web-based software with multi-vendor capability in which different vendors can join and sell their products. A Marketplace system has much complexity in terms of software design and should be able to cover various processes in the areas of sales, warehousing, accounting, commission and tax calculation, referral management, advertising, and promotional sales policies. In the continuation of this documentary, we will explain some of the capabilities of the Fastaweb Marketplace.

bulk product definition

in our Marketplace software Group product Definition is so highlight. Defining a product in any sales system is time-consuming and hard work. A good system in addition to being able to provide the data entry forms for product definition individually and update them must be able to provide tools to define products in groups and batches. One of the most important capabilities of Fastaweb Marketplace is the ability to define products in groups through group definition form, import the products via Excel files and also define the product through the APIs.

brand management

Product brands are defined in Fastaweb Marketplace as basic data, and each vendor determines which brand is the manufacturer of that product at the time of definition. If the brand of a product has not been previously defined as a base date, the seller can define himself/herself and use it as a brand for his/her product. Over time, if other vendors also define that brand, the brand will be defined by the system administrator as basic data in the system. In our system, brands can be defined indefinitely and for each brand, additional information such as logo, description, labels and the like can be added.

product attribute management

In any online sales system, the definition of product features and specifications is obvious. The defined features are quantified at the time of product creation by sellers and buyers select and purchase their desired product based on the values ​​of the features. Buyers can also filter items based on these features to get the product they want. Some of these features take different values and combine to create products with different prices. Such properties are called variables. in the Festaweb Marketplace System, could be defined indefinitely features and variables and products based on them. Also, if some features are not defined as basic information in the system, the seller can define them for himself and use them in defining his products. Also, each seller can define some additional specifications at the time of product creation and group them.

business category management

Goods or services that are offered in an online market have specific categories so that users can easily find them through the categories. Categorization causes a certain arrangement on the products. In the Fastaweb Marketplace System, unlimited categories of goods and services can be defined hierarchically with a tree structure. Taxes and Commissions can be specified for each category. You can also turn a category completely on or off. If a category is deactivated, all goods and services defined in that category will disappear.

marketplace tax management

Taxation Taxation is always one of the most important and controversial issues in sales systems, especially online sales, for which there must be a completely transparent solution. In the Fastaweb Marketplace system, the tax can be adjusted for each category of goods or services and for each seller. Each item of goods or services that is sold by each seller in the system, its VAT is registered as a separate and independent document and the tax can be extracted for each product or category, or seller.

commission management

The revenue of a multi-vendor system can be based on membership fees or on a commission received from vendor sales transactions. Sales commission can be specified for different categories of goods and services or even specific to a product or service. This commission can be a fixed number, a certain percentage of the transaction, or a combination of both. In Fastaweb Marketplace, both the revenue model can be specified as a membership fee and commission-based for sellers, and all commission fee calculations are done by the Fastaweb Accounting Module after the occurrence of sales transactions automatically.

all business type support

An online marketplace can be set up to sell goods or services or both. For example, a marketplace can be set up to sell goods and FMCG products. Or another marketplace can be set up to sell electronic goods. maybe Entrepreneur wants to create a very large marketplace of various goods from different categories. The distinctive feature of all of these markets is that they are a place to sell goods. Some other markets are inherently service-based. For example, consider a market in which hotels and accommodation centers sell rooms and accommodation. Or consider another marketplace where travel agencies offer travel tours to travel enthusiasts. Fastaweb Marketplace makes it possible to launch a goods-based marketplace or a service-based marketplace. Of course, in some cases, depending on the customer's needs, some customization is required in the software.

dynamic pricing

There are a lot of dynamic pricing patterns that could be developed in an online marketplace system. Dynamic pricing refers to charging various prices depending on who the buyer is and when they make a purchase. Dynamic pricing is also known as surge pricing, demand pricing, or time-based pricing. Market forces such as competition, supply, demand, and other market factors influence it.

some of the usual dynamic pricing patterns have been implemented in Fastaweb Marketplace such as formula-based pattern pricing based on customer history value. there is no restriction to implement a customized pattern for a special customer.

seller contract management

A cooperation agreement is automatically created for each vendor in the system. In this contract, it can be specified how long the seller can operate in the marketplace. or on which categories of goods or services the vendor is allowed to sell and on each category how much commission has to pay for the sale transactions. The system administrator makes these settings and approves them for the vendor and he/she can then start selling in the marketplace.

tag management

The tag provides a semantic connection between different sections. In fact, a tag is a categorization method for items that we want to be in a category. In the Fastaweb system, it is possible to label the various goods that are defined so that visitors can easily access them via tags.

payment management

Fastaweb Marketplace Supports multiple payment methods. a customer could pay with his/her wallet in Marketplace account or pay online with a credit card or PayPal or pay by cash in place. all of this methods have been implemented and could be active or inactive by any merchant as a vendor.

general notification

some of the general notifications are done in some process. some of these general notifications are:

  • when a user is registered an email will have sent to the user's email.
  • when a user is registered an SMS will have sent to the user's mobile.
  • when a user change password and SMS or email notification will have sent to him/her

business notification

Fastaweb Marketplace business notifications business notifications are those that are related to any business process or business information in the system. some of these notifications are:

  • when a product in-stock is lower than a limit, an email, SMS, or push notification has been sent to the merchant.
  • when an order is approved/rejected an email or SMS is sent to the user.
  • when an order is delivered to the shipment department an email or SMS is sent to the user.
  • when a product is out-of-stock a user can select that notify me when it will be in-stock.
  • when a vendor create a promotional discount or coupon, a notification will have sent to all users that followed that vendor.

online chat

It is possible to communicate directly between the seller and the buyer through online chat in the Fastaweb Marketplace system. While a visitor viewing the products if there is any ambiguity or question for the visitor, he/she can ask immediately it. If the seller is online, he will immediately see the message and respond. If the seller is not online, he/she will see the messages later, the visitor must be logged in or gives an email or mobile number while chat and the seller's answers will be emailed or texted

multi vendor

as the name of Marketplace says, Fastaweb is a multi-vendor system. many vendors could register in a marketplace system and sell their products or services. vendors have separate panels that can set up their profiles, define products/services, manage product/service price and availability, manage orders, shipment scheduling, set up promotion programs, define terms and conditions for themselves, and so on. when a vendor is registered in the marketplace, a contract is established for that vendor and it is allowed needed permissions and the categories of products/services that can do business on them. for each vendor, it is possible to determine the tax, the commission per product or service. an accounting system calculates each of those fees per vendor transaction and reports them.

shipment scheduling

Fastaweb Shipment Scheduling is a very powerful features that reduce the shipments costs for vendors.
Each vendor can plan and manage their daily shipping capacity. Obviously, the seller's shipping resources are limited per day and he can not send all shipments at once. The system makes it possible to schedule shipments so that the seller can distribute his shipping capacity throughout the day. When a buyer selects a product from that seller to buy, he sees the empty shipping capacities associated with that seller and can select them and specify on what day and time the order will be shipped to him.

manage preparing time

Fastaweb Marketplace preparation time is very useful. Product preparation time is the amount of time it takes for a product ordered by the customer to be delivered to the shipment department. Obviously, the preparation time of the product depends on various factors and can vary from a product to another product. Therefore, each vendor at the time of product definition can determine how long does it take to prepare each product. In this way, the buyer observes the preparation time of each product and based on it decides whether to buy the product or not.

review and user feedback management

User feedback plays a very important role in any online sales system and provides more guidance and decision-making power for other users. Having a user feedback section on an online sales site and getting customer feedback will give more credibility to the site and its sellers and increase buyers' trust. Due to the importance of this issue, in the Fastaweb Marketplace system, it is possible to get users' opinions for stores and goods purchased by them, and users can, in addition, give points to sellers and goods. The system administrator views user comments in his panel and can edit, reject or publish them.

manage coverage area

One of the most important and prominent features of Fastaweb Marketplace system is determining the Regions that a vendor does services. Each vendor can specify the areas on the map that can do service. It can even specify on what day it serves which areas. Such a facility is less seen in similar systems. With this possibility, buyers can easily find out from which sellers to buy their goods or services.

promotion and discount

Motivating and providing incentive policies for customers to buy is a very important and vital issue in sales systems, especially online sales. Doing so will create a competitive advantage and increase sales. The Fastaweb Marketplace system provides the necessary facilities to implement sales promotion policies. executing a global campaign at the level of the whole system and a campaign at the level of the vendor is one of these possibilities. Providing a discount code to buyers, holding contests and lotteries, a click-through advertising system, participatory sales, and content marketing are some of the other measures provided in this system.