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Digital Marketing

Marketing and sales always come first in any business and are the most important and fundamental part of any business chain. In any business, the business owner must first think about the challenges of sales and marketing and the costs associated with it, otherwise, the probability of failure and erosion is raised and the costs and capital sleep are increased.

Developing a digital marketing strategy is, therefore, an important principle for every business. Business managers and experts must also thoroughly understand the concepts of digital marketing in order to make informed decisions and cooperate in the implementation of strategies.

Fastaweb assists businesses in developing and marketing digital marketing strategies, training and consulting, as well as implementing them.

We do the theses DM Services

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

We do the best in SEO in your projects according the the latest search engine algorithms. our SEO specialists do all On-page and Off-Page seo technigues on your sites

Blog and Content Marketing

Our CMS contains a fully SEO friendly Blog module that is very vital and useful to introduce your business. also our copywriters an authors could produce valuable contents for your business

Social Media Marketing

social media are a very powerful tool to promote your business and we do activities such as producing a variety of content and consulting and training necessary to have a successful view of your business and brand on social media.

Marketing Automation

we provide some tools and modules to do marketing activities automatically. such as sending new products via email, push notifications, and SMS to users, creating a new promotion campaign and publish it, affiliate marketing module and etc.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising(PPC)

Our eCommerce solutions have implemented CPC, PPC, and affiliate marketing modules with tracking and accounting to promote your sales and enhance your business.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Our tools capture customers journey on all pages and log them and then you can analyze this data to discover customers favorites and recommend suitable products via email, SMS, notification, and align UI sections according to the cusomer history in the next visits

Content Marketing

One of the most important issues in any marketplace is Marketing Solutios and Tools that are provided to marketing and promote sales.

Content marketing is a very effective method in online business and it helps to sale more. usaally there are 4 type of content:

  • Blog and Webpages: this is the most common and oldest type of content that have been used in content marketing
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Videos