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Solutions for

Online Business



Fastaweb Professional Team

  • Research
  • Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing

Research and Development Department

We have a research and development Department that is composed of professional groups.this department is responsible for market, technology research and forecasting future trends about new businesses and technologies. the output of their activities are applied in planning and decision making. based on the results of their research, short-term and long-term strategies of the company are formulated.

Also, this department have a significant role in customized and special projects. Competitive analysis and comprehensive review of the dimensions of tailor-made projects, risk analysis and measurement of success rate of projects, especially in start-ups and creative ideas are done by the experts in this unit, then the necessary reviews and evaluations are performed. after that the important advices are given by the teams of this unit to other units and business owners

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fastaweb research

Software Development

One of our most important departments is the software development department. In this department a software product is analyzed based on the beneficiary needs from scratch. the software requirements are extracted, so the design and implementation phase are started. our development team designs and implements a 360-degree view of the entire work according to the experience they have gained over the years. They try to do it that way which does not require fundamental changes in the final product in the future it can be easily extensible.


Architecture and Implementation of software in Fastaweb is done based on the latest technologies and integration principles. a service oriented approach in followed. All of our products are scalable and extensible. The speed and efficiency of the software that is produced is another important indicator in our software development teams.

Finally, the product is tested and debugged in a test environment, then, the final version is deployed in the operating environment. in final phase, support and maintenance programs will be on the agenda.

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fastaweb development

UI/UX Design

Designing and building a user interface tailored to the needs and convenience of the user is one of the most important parts of the software production process. This issue is more important in online sales software and the design should be such that the user is directed to buy the product. The customer experience that is obtained from the analysis of data collected from the performance of users in our online sales system or other best practices has a significant role in user interface design.


In all of our products, whether marketplace builder, shop builder,mall builder, content management system and mobile applications, we always try to create a good experience for users and make them happy and satisfied. We use wireframing technique to desige the user interface of our products. In this technique, a conceptual view of each page or form template is drawn. This technique makes a conceptual layout of each page very easily. It also specifies what information we need for each page. If the page layout is approved, the next steps will be taken to build the prototype and implementing the final product.

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fastaweb uiux

SEO Teams

Search engines will play a major role in the success of any business. They are one of the most important channels of digital marketing. No matter how much the tools you use to start your online business are technically powerful, SEO and Search engines are another story. if you don’t have any plans to appear in the search engines, you did nothings and with a high probability your online business is likely to fail and wasted costs go up.

The tools you use to start an online business such as an online marketplace,online store and website must be designed and implemented based on the principles of search engines and respect their rules. These principles and rules are known as internal SEO or On-Page SEO. in the other hand there are also some rules and techniques associated with other websites that are important to search engines known as off-page SEO.

We have applied these rules in all our tools and we always update them. In addition, we are with you in developing SEO strategy and how to manage and implement it.

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Digital Marketing

Marketing and sales always come first in any business and are the most important and fundamental part of any business chain. In any business, the business owner must first think about the challenges of sales and marketing and the costs associated with it, otherwise the probability of failure and erosion is raised and the costs and capital sleep are increased.


Developing a digital marketing strategy is therefore an important principle for every business. Business managers and experts must also thoroughly understand the concepts of digital marketing in order to make informed decisions and cooperate in the implementation of strategies.


Fastaweb assists businesses in developing and marketing digital marketing strategies, training and consulting, as well as implementing them.

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Marketplace Builder

Fastaweb Marketplace Is An Integrated Web-Based Software With Multi-Vendor, Multi-Currency and Multilingual Capability.It provide all requirements thet a seller needs.


Marketplace Builder

In Our Marketplace Software Group Product Definition Is So Highlight. Defining A Product In Any Sales System Is Time-Consuming

Smart eWallet

Fastaweb has produced a eWallet for that support many daily needs. it coud be used to manage personal expenses,cost sharing frienly events and buying from merchants.

fastaweb smart eWallet

Smart eWallet

Merchants can credit customers to buy from them in this wallet. All merchants and users must be registered and autorized in the wallet, so ...

Shop Builder

we have created a very powerful online store builder to sale Goods,Services or both of them.all modules for an online store have been developed.


Shop Builder

any business could start selling online as little time as possible. we provide an online store in SaaS srrvice. also it is possible to make a tailor-made online shop for VIP customers.

Mall Builder

Online Mall builder is another digital products that have been developed by Fastaweb teams. with this software, any Malls could be online in a single sales portal.


Mall Builder


Our DesignWorkflow

  • Contact with us

    You will contact our team and discuss your requirements regarding the online business you intend to set up. We record all your needs in full detail.

  • Propose Project

    We analyze your requirements and will give you a project proposal fit for your business and cover your requirements.

  • Develop

    We Implement your project, Design your UI/UX based on the approved wireframe, and provide a test environment to review the results with you

  • Revision

    our team with your contact person reviews the results and the process that covers your needs. the UAT test will be done and the bugs discovered and debug is done and everything is preparing to lunch the final work

  • your project runs

    your project is finalized and hosted on our dedicated server to achieve the best performance. your online business is run and you just concentrate on the business and don't worry about the online environment

Our TechnologyStack

  • Spring Boot

  • Spring is one of the most widely used frameworks for developing enterprise applications, providing a robust programming and configuration model. This framework was created partly to streamline the development of applications using Java EE, a very complex and difficult-to-use framework from Oracle.

  • Java EE

  • Java is known as one of the most popular programming languages of our time. Two decades have passed since the language was created. Java is considered by many to be one of the best programming languages ever created. The most widely used programming language, it is designed for the distributed environment of the Internet

  • Hibernate ORM

  • With Hibernate ORM, developers can more easily write applications whose data survive the application process. In relational databases (via JDBC), Hibernate provides an object/relational mapping (ORM) framework focused on data persistence. Hibernate is designed to work in a cluster of application servers and deliver a highly scalable architecture.

  • Frontend

  • Web front-end development, also called client-side development, is the process of producing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a website or Web application that a user can view and interact with directly. Front-end development is the process of developing websites and web applications that render on the client.

  • Caching and Performance

  • The distributed cache is a system that pools the random-access memory (RAM) of multiple computers into a single data repository that is utilized as a quick access data cache. With Hazelcast on-premises workloads can be run fast, stateful, and data-intensive thanks to its streaming and memory-first architecture.

  • Modern Frontend

  • Front-end frameworks are essential to software development. We’re already seeing significant interest in next-generation front-end frameworks. React, Angular, Vue, Ember are some of the best modern frontend frameworks that we use in developing our products